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Sunday, October 13, 2013

1:30 - 4:00 pm Pre-Conference Workshop: Gasification 101
2:00 - 4:00 pm Pre-Conference Workshop: Project Finance
1:30 - 3:30 pm GTC Fall Membership Meeting
4:00 - 7:00 pm Conference Registration - Registration Desk
5:00 - 7:00 pm Opening Reception - Exhibit Hall
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Monday, October 14, 2013

7:00 am Conference Registration and Check-In - Registration Desk
Continental Breakfast - Exhibit Hall
8:00 am Conference Welcome & Introductions
Michael R. DeLallo, CH2M HILL - GTC Chairman
Jeffrey Phillips, Electric Power Research Institute
Alison Kerester - GTC - Executive Director
8:15 am Keynote Address - Global Energy Markets
Robert Ineson, Managing Director, North American Natural Gas, IHS CERA
9:00 am Session 1: Global Gasification Projects & Technology Updates
Session Chair: Michael DeLallo, CH2M Hill, GTC Chairman

E-Gas Technology: 2013 Outlook
Philip Amick,CB&I
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GE Project Updates: Solutions for the Global Market
DeLome Fair, GE Power & Water
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SES Gasification: Update on Projects and Initiatives
Robert Rigdon, Synthesis Energy Systems, Inc.
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10:00 am Break - Exhibit Hall
10:45 am Session 2: Global Gasification Projects & Technology Updates
Session Chair: Philip Amick, CB&I

Integrated Shell Gasification Value Proposition
Chua Sze-Hong, Shell Global Solutions


KBR Gasification Technology & Project Updates
Faisal Mohmand, KBR, Inc.
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Westinghouse Plasma is the Most Advanced Gasification Technology for the Conversion of Waste to Power, Biofuels and Fossil Fuel Replacement
Walter Howard, Alter NRG Corp./Westinghouse Plasma Corp.
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Siemens Gasification: Progress and Innovation
Harry Morehead, Siemens Energy, Inc.
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12:00 pm Lunch - Exhibit Hall
1:30 pm Session 3: Gasification for Heat and Power
Session Chair: DeLome Fair, GE Power & Water

Duke-Edwardsport Plant
Craig Marchino, Duke Energy
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Texas Clean Energy Project: Status & Lessons Learned
Eric Redman, Summit Power Group, LLC
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Large Scale Gasification of Wood Waste and Sorted Municipal Solid Waste
William Partanen, Metso Corporation
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Update on the Kemper Project
Randall Rush, Southern Company
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2:45 pm Session 4: Global Gasification Projects & Technology Updates
Session Chair: Faisal Mohmand, KBR, Inc.

Tailor-made Gasification Solutions: ThyssenKrupp Uhde's HTW and PRENFLO Technologies
Karsten Radtke, ThyssenKrupp Uhde GmbH
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Compact Gasifier and Dry Solids Pump Development Status
Alan Darby, Aerojet Rocketdyne, Inc.
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An Update on Clean Energy R&D Projects and Programs at RTI International
David Denton, Research Triangle Institute International
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4:00 pm Break - Exhibit Hall
4:45 pm Session 5: Gasification for Hydrogen
Session Chair: Mandy Howenstine, Komar Industries, Inc.

Hydrogen Energy California Project Update
James Loney, Fluor Corporation
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Evaluation of Hydrogen Production Options at Refineries: The New UOP SeparALL Process
William Echt, UOP, A Honeywell Company
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Molten Salt Gasification of Refinery Waste to Produce Hydrogen
Lyman Frost, Western Hydrogen, Ltd.
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5:45 pm Adjourn for the Day
6:00 - 7:00 pm Reception - Exhibit Hall
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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

7:00 am Conference Registration and Check-In - Registration Desk
Continental Breakfast - Exhibit Hall
8:00 am Keynote Address - India's Energy Security and US-India Cooperation
The Honorable Parvathaneni Harish, Consul General of India (Houston)
8:30 am Session 6: Polygeneration (Refining, Chemicals, SNG & Transport Liquids)
Session Chair: Carrie Lalou, Synthesis Energy Systems

Jamnagar Gasification Project – An Update
Partha Maitra, Reliance Industries Ltd.
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A Construction Update on SNG Plant in Korea
Jin-Kyeong Kim, POSCO E&C, Ltd.
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Gasification and CFB Technology Integration for Combined Power and Chemicals Production
Rosa Domenichini, Foster Wheeler
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9:30 am Session 7: Advances in Coal Gasification
Session Chair: Eric Redman, Summit Power Group, LLC

Update of ECUST OMB Coal Gasification Process
Zhijie Zhou, East China University of Science and Technology
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Air Separation Units for IGCC and Other Gasification: Learning by Doing in U.S. and Asia.
David McCarthy, Air Products and Chemicals, Inc.
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Lurgi FBDB Coal Gasification and Its Co-Products: A High Value Economic Asset
Max-Michael Weiss, Air Liquide Global E&C Solutions/Lurgi GmbH
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10:50 am Break - Exhibit Hall
11:30 am Session 8: Biomass and Waste Gasification I
Session Chair: Steve Jenkins, CH2M Hill

Waste Management's Perspective on the Status of Gasification
Joseph Vaillancourt, Waste Management


Concord Blue Reformer® Innovation in Renewable
Energy & Waste Disposal

Scott Noll, Concord Blue Energy
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Smaller Scale FT Enables Biomass-to-Liquids
Jeff McDaniel, Velocys, Inc.
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INEOS Bio - Moving Ahead in Global Waste Conversion
Daniel Cummings, INEOS Bio

12:45 pm Lunch - Exhibit Hall
2:15 pm Session 9: Biomass and Waste Gasification II
Session Chair: Walter Howard, Alter NRG Corp./ Westinghouse Plasma Corp.

Bio-based Chemicals from Waste Carbon-derived Syngas
Lisa Dyson, Kiverdi, Inc.


Fuel and Chemical Products from Biomass Syngas
Patricia Gillenwater, LanzaTech, Inc.
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Performance of 3ton/day Biomass Fed Bubbling Fluidized Bed Gasification System
John Guillory, University of Louisiana at Lafayette
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3:15 pm Session 10: Underground Coal Gasification
Session Chair: Tom Maramba, SKE&C USA, Inc.

Commercializing Underground Coal Gasification
William Preston, Linc Energy, Ltd.
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Overview of the World's Largest ASU & Rectisol for Reliance's Petcoke Gasification & Expansion of NG-Based Gasification Facility in the U.S.
Christopher Geraghty, Linde, LLC.

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Development of High Efficiency Oxy-Fuel IGCC System
Yuso Oki, Central Research Institute of Electric Power Industry, (Japan)
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4:15 pm Break - Exhibit Hall
4:45 pm Session 11: Plasma Gasification
Session Chair: William Preston, Linc Energy

Plasma-Arc Gasification via Graphite Electrodes
Daniel Ripes, PEAT International, Inc.
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Converting Waste into Valuable Resources With The Gasplasma™ Process
Rolf Stein, Advanced Plasma Power
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5:30 pm Adjourn for the Day
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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

7:00 am Conference Registration and Check-In - Registration Desk
Continental Breakfast - Exhibit Hall
8:00 am

State of the Gasification Industry-the Updated Worldwide Gasification Database
Christopher Higman, Higman Consulting, GmbH
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8:15 am Session 12: Advances in Gasification Technologies I
Session Chair: Jenny Tennant, U.S. Department of Energy, National Energy Technology Laboratory

System Integration and Water Balance Issues in Polygeneration Gasification Plants
Thomas Maramba, SK E&C, Co., Ltd.
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Ceramics the Future Cleaning SynGas
Mark Jellicoe, Tenmat, Ltd.


Demonstration of Tunable Diode Laser-Based In-Situ Monitoring of Syngas Composition for Pressurized Entrained-Flow Coal Gasification
Kevin Whitty, University of Utah/Stanford University
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Innovativeness and Development of Tsinghua Gasification Technology
Jiansheng Zhang, Tsinghua University (China)
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9:45 am Break - Exhibit Hall
10:15 am Session 13: Advances in Gasification Technologies II
Session Chair: John Oyen, ABB, Inc.

Investigation of Using Liquid CO2 for Feeding Low Rank Coal to Gasifiers
Jose Marasigan, Electric Power Research Institute
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Using SEWGS and CrystaSulf® to Manage CO2 and H2S from Coal Gasification at High Pressure
William Steen, URS Corporation
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Pilot-Scale Demonstration of Solar Gasification of Carbonaceous Feedstocks
Christian Wieckert, Paul Scherrer Institute (Switzerland)

11:15 am Session 14: Advances in Gasification Technologies III
Session Chair: George Booras, Electric Power Research Institute

Research Efforts at the National Energy Technology Laboratory to Improve Gasifier Performance
James Bennett, U.S. Department of Energy, National Energy Technology Laboratory
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Advanced IGCC with Partial Carbon Capture
Stephen Scott, Jacobs Engineering
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Development of Partial/Non-slagging Entrained-bed Coal Gasifier to Lower Capital Cost
Yongseung Yun, Institute for Advanced Engineering, (Republic of Korea)
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Drop-in Gasoline from Wood in an Integrated Biorefinery: Pilot Operations Under Way
Andrew Kramer, Gas Technology Institute
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12:30 pm Conference Adjourns
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Attire: Business Casual
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